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About ten years ago, we (Greg & Elisabeth Putney) purchased two piglets from a local farmer with the idea that we were going to raise food for our family “the way it oughta be” raised.  We were starting to grow our family, and wanted to know how our food was being raised.  We found the realities of where most of our food comes from these days startling, and wanted to get back to a more “grass roots” way of farming.  The way it used to be.  “The way it oughta be.”       

Since that first purchase of two piglets a decade ago, word spread about the top notch quality of the pork we raised.  Seeing that other people had the same concerns about the origin of their food as he did, we decided to establish Rise’N’Swine Farm and follow a rotational grazing method of farming.  

This method of farming does not require large investments into machinery and buildings.  It is a smarter and sustainable method of farming, utilizing science and the natural instincts of each animal.  At Rise’N’Swine Farm, each animal has a purpose, which makes them happy, and results in a superior quality product.    



Good Things Come in Small…Batches?

Our farm is not a large scale factory farm, with profit being the only concern.  We take the time to choose the best breeds for the type of land we have.  These animals may be slower growing than those on a large scale farm, but they work together and with the land, happily doing what they do best; and the result is more nutritious and extraordinarily delicious!  You could say we have more of a “small batch” farm operation, delivering the finest beef, pork, chicken, eggs, and honey to our customers.  

We’re Open!

Big things are happening!  We just finished building our brand new on-farm store and we are working on building a commercial kitchen.  This way, our retail meats can be grown, cut and sold right here at the farm!

BY THE CUT.  Our store has individual retail packages of our pork, beef, chicken, eggs, and honey available for sale, along with other fantastic items made by local producers.  Please see our Visit the Farmshop page for more information.  Sign up for our e-mails to stay up-to-date on all the exciting news as it is announced, including new, more convenient ways to stock up on your favorite all-natural meats.  

BULK BEEF & PORK.  Beef and pork are also offered in bulk multiple times a year.  Beef is available by the quarter (or more) and pork is available by the half (or more).  When available, deposits can be made on our Order Online page to reserve yours.  More details about buying in bulk are on our How It Works page.  The best way to know when deposits are being accepted for the next batch is to sign up for our email newsletters using the form on this page. 



Read About Our Farm!

Buffalo Spree Magazine, October 2021


East Aurora Advertiser, September, 2021


Jo Anne Y.

“…the chicken, pork, and beef we’ve had in the past doesn’t compare  in the least to Rise’n’Swine Farm’s offerings.  The beef is melt in your mouth awesome, and the chicken tastes like chicken.  The pork is true pork, can’t even describe how good it tastes.  We’re so happy to have found this farm to provide us with our meat!”

Michelle O.

“We purchased a sampler box of pork.  The ham steaks are amazing.  Large portion size and a nice thick cut.  We will definitely be going back for more pork as well as the beef.  I would highly recommend purchasing meat from here!”


“…Purchasing grass fed, ethically raised meats is a no brainer with farms like Rise’n’Swine.  Quality meat for my children to eat and no concerns about recalls and all the other issues surrounding grocery store products.  We’ve got two freezers stuffed full and couldn’t be happier.  The steaks we ate tonight had the most amazing flavor, and the color was just gorgeous.  Can’t wait to try the rest.  We’ll absolutely be returning!”

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Rise'n'Swine Farm LLC
Tonight I made tacos and we ate organ meat! And my kids never suspected. AND, when I asked how the meat was they said “really good!” 👉We’ve had a bunch of people at the Farmshop lately telling us about the benefits of eating organ meats. Some are on the carnivore diet themselves, and some are feeding a raw diet to their dogs. According to these diets, organ meats are super good for you and your dogs. So, we asked butcher Ian to grind up some organs along with some beef, resulting in a 80/20 mix of beef and beef organ meats (liver, heart, and tongue). I NEVER thought I would eat organs after being traumatized by a few liver dinners as a kid, but in this mix I couldn’t even tell they were there! ... See MoreSee Less
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⏰Slight adjustment to fall hours starting this week! 👉Thursdays are now 2-5 PM👉Saturdays & Sundays are still 10 AM - 2 PM ... See MoreSee Less
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What a great farm tour weekend! Thanks again to all who braved the chilly weather and came out! Watch for our spring tour in June 🐽 ... See MoreSee Less
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