Western New York’s Members-Only Abattoir

We built our butcher shop with the goal of helping other farms like ours have the ability to consistently make their meats available to their customers, and to offer a final product unique to what is widely offered locally.  Starting in 2024, Alliance Farm Butchery will be a members-only butcher shop.

2023 Memberships and appointments are closed.  2024 Memberships will be limited.  Questions can be sent to bookalliancebutchery@gmail.com. (email is the preferred method), or call/text (716) 263-5922. 

Additional Fees

  • Large carcass fee: $1/lb of hanging weight over 800 pounds for beef and 200 pounds for pork.
  • Hook fee: for hanging over 14 days (by farmer’s request).  $10/half beef per day over 14 days.
  • Freezer storage fee: for any orders not picked up within 5 business days.  $5/day/half pig or quarter cow, starting on day 6.  


How it Works

  • Farmers with appointments must complete the “Farm Customer List” form no later than one week before the animal is dropped off.
  • If the farmer will be selling their meats retail, their cut list and cut prices must be received no later than one week before the animal is dropped off to allow time to enter them into our scale, and the farmer must have an active license on our kitchen.  
  • All cut instructions (for farm customers or retail) must be received no later than 24 hours before the animal is dropped off, or the standard cut package will be used. 
  • We will contact the farmer’s customers via email (or phone if email is not available) to obtain their cut instructions and to provide them with the next steps, important dates, and pricing information before the animal is dropped off. 
  • Once the processing is finished, we will send the hanging weights to the farmer and an email to the customer letting them know the balance due and that it is ready for pick up.

Our goal is to make the entire process as smooth as possible for everyone – the farmers, their customers, and our staff.  Thank you in advance for ensuring all forms and information are submitted in a timely manner.