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by | Mar 22, 2019

Big Things Happening at the Farm

Entrance to our future on-farm store We have been super busy building our beautiful new farm store right at the farm. Now, it’s crunch time. We are hoping to be open by early June, but first we need to tackle one more big project: a commercial kitchen. Sneak peek of...

Tips for Cooking Grass-fed Highland Beef

Grass-fed Scottish Highland beef is very lean, and when cooked correctly, the most tender and flavorful beef you will ever eat.  Due to how lean this meat is, you should not prepare it the way you would prepare conventional beef.  Here are some general tips to get the...

Featuring Rise’N’Swine Farm

Check out this great blog post featuring our farm on the Baking, Beekeeping, and Barefoot Gardening blog!  We were featured in February 2019.  http://3bswithb.blogspot.com