Rise’N’Swine Pork Cut Instructions

Rise'N'Swine Pork Cut Instructions
Use this form to let our butchers know how you would like your meats cut and packaged. Let us know if you have any questions by emailing risenswinefarms@gmail.com or calling or texting (716) 710-8400. THIS FORM IS FOR PORK PURCHASED FROM RISE'N'SWINE FARM.
Country ribs are fatty and the meatiest of the ribs - slow cook or bake them and they will be delicious and tender. Loin roasts are excellent oven roasted. Pork chops are great baked or grilled.
2 chops per package
Slow cook fresh shoulder roasts on a smoker or in a slow cooker for fantastic pulled pork.
Shoulder steaks are a bit fatty but very flavorful and excellent on the grill. Also great as a roast.
Smoked hocks are often used for flavoring soups. Fresh (not smoked) hocks are good braised.
Lard can be easily rendered (we do ours in a crockpot) and used in baking or for greasing pans.
Choosing "grind" on any of the cut choices above will add to your amount of ground pork and/or sausage you receive. For example, if you don't like ham, you can choose to grind it and you'll get more sausage.