Bring the Farmshop right to your neighborhood with our new “Meat Ups!”  We know it can be hard to find the time to drive out to the farm, especially once the winter weather arrives, so we are introducing our new Meat Up program to bring the Farmshop to you.  

Become a Meat Up host by completing the form below to suggest your Meat Up location and by getting at least 9 other families, friends, neighbors, or coworkers to join the Meat Up.  Once there are enough Meat Uppers in your group, a delivery date and time will be assigned and orders can be placed for our most popular meats and groceries using our order form.  Then, we will put together your orders, email invoices, and we will all “meat up” at your location for delivery.    

The Meat Up host allows use of their driveway for our delivery vehicle and a table, allowing us to distribute orders to the Meat Uppers in their group at a specified date and time.  

All orders are delivered to the Meat Up location free of charge, but must meet the minimum order amount of $50 per order.  Meat Up hosts also receive 5% off their total order, every time, as a thank you!


Start a Meat Up

Interested in hosting a Meat Up in your neighborhood or joining a Meat Up group? Complete these forms to let us know!  You will be contacted to set up a date & time when there are at least 10 Meat Uppers in your group.
Meat Up Host Request Form
Join a Meat Up – Request Form