1/2 Pastured Pork Deposit – Fall/Winter 2024


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Reserve your Pasture/Forest Raised Pork for Fall/Winter 2024! 

How it works:  This payment is the deposit required to place a half pork order.  Final cost will be determined once it is processed and final weight is determined.  Price is $8.50/lb of final take-home weight.  Price includes processing and vacuum sealing.

Once your deposit is placed, your 1/2 pork order is reserved for you and will be ready for you to pickup at the farm when it’s ready – around fall or winter 2024.  As the date gets closer, you will be emailed a link to a cut instruction sheet for you to complete to tell us how you would like your 1/2 cut and a more exact finish date will be given.  Contact us if you have any questions about cuts or completing the cut sheet.  Take home weight per pork half is typically approximately 75 lbs +/-.

**If you would like more than 1/2, simply increase the quantity in your cart.  E.g. for a whole pig, order a quantity of 2 deposits.**


It’s our mission to make it as easy as possible for you to access healthy, locally grown food. We know the process of purchasing pork or beef in bulk can be difficult, confusing, and intimidating, especially when you’ve never done it before.

Bulk pork and beef purchased from a farm is typically priced per pound of hanging weight. The processor weighs the animal after slaughter, but before cutting and any loss from bone, excess fat, or aging. Processing costs are also added on based on hanging weight. The problem with this process is that the weight the animal hangs at is not the weight you take home, making it difficult to understand how much meat you will get and how much you are paying per pound of meat you take home.
One of the many benefits of our brand new on-farm butcher shop is that we will have the ability to price our bulk meats with one simple price per pound of meat you actually take home, including processing. This will make the price look higher per pound, but it will include processing and will be based on the weight of the meat you take home, rather than the heavier weight of the animal before loss. This will be a much more transparent pricing strategy making it a lot easier to explain and understand!



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